Machinery Repair Service

As official dealers of Festool, Rupes, Devilbiss we can have your machine repaired in as little as 48 hours.


Paint Mixing Service

   In our technical department we can mix any type of paint. Polyurethanes, synthetic, acrylic, epoxy, all mixed from our top brand paints. Our computerised system has in storage thousands of color formulas from the different color...

Zineti Anodos

Zinc Anodes

Distributor of the Spanish manufacturer Zineti, we specialize in the prevention against corrosion, we carry anodes for all applications and are able to modify as necessary.


Home Delivery

With a huge delivery network and two premises in Palma we can deliver to all our customers across the island.


Wood Division

We can handle all your requirements on Birmanian teak readymade decking. In order to produce the panels we need the deck drawings or we can come onboard to measure.


Propspeed Distributor